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Product Liability

In today’s consumer-based society, we have companies all across the world racing to create various products that fulfill the demands of our economy’s buying appetites. While most of these companies follow proper safety precautions and regulations to make sure everyone stays safe, some choose to cut corners in the name of corporate profits and are actively manufacturing products that are defective and outright dangerous for people.

Every day people are usually the ones that suffer from the byproduct of corporate greed, so if you have had any sort of injury or incident from any of these products, as well as many others, please get in contact with us soon about we can proceed.

Car / Auto Products

Including cars, seatbelts, airbags, children’s seats, safety devices and more

Heavy Industrial

Heavy machinery, semi-trucks, airplanes, trains, equipment, machine tools, and any workplace tools

Household / Appliances

Appliances, washers, dishwashers, lawnmowers, grills, detergents, cleaning agents, heating, furnaces, air conditioners, etc.


Bicycles, motorcycles, swimming pools, ATVs, playgrounds, etc

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If you don’t speak up and stop these companies from producing dangerous products, then chances are someone else will get hurt or even killed as a result.