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Premises Liability

Dog Bites, Slip-and-Fall Incidents, and Other Premises Liability

Everyone is responsible for the safety and upkeep of their home and property. If they neglect this, people can get seriously hurt. That is why we are active in the premises liability side of personal injury. Some of these incidents include:

  • Animal Attacks (Dog / Pitbull Bites)

  • Failure to Upkeep and Maintain Property

  • Improper dealing with Ice and Slippery Surfaces

  • Inadequate Security and Parking Lot Attacks

  • Unmarked / Unsecured Construction Sites

  • Swimming Pool or Diving Board Accidents

Our lawyers can tell you right away if you have the potential for a premises liability case. If you think you can take something like this to court but aren’t sure if you will win or not, or how much it could potentially be worth, please check out our Free Case Valuation. This will give you an initial idea if you can win your case, and bring the property owner to justice.

Injured on someone else's property?


These kinds of cases are rarely your fault, and when not dealt with, can result in the injuries and potential death of other people who come in contact with the property as well. You owe it to yourself and others to make sure the case comes to light, and no one else gets hurt because of it.