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Construction Accidents

Construction Accident or Work-Related Injuries

Unfortunately, the construction industry and profession are one of the more dangerous ones, just because of the kinds of working environments that go on every single day. This results in a higher than normal rate of incidents and injuries.

If you have been in a construction-related accident as a worker, or just as a pedestrian, then compensation may be in order. Generally, these accidents are just that – a temporary moment of negligence or lack of paying attention. But often these incidents cause significant and permanent injuries, resulting in a dramatically different life and quality of living.

A few of these types of events include:

Toxic Torts

This mostly entails chemical spills or exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Paints, toxic fumes, and other nasty chemicals are usually the ones to blame for this.

Trench / Ditch Collapsing

If proper safety and construction guidelines aren’t followed on ditches or trenches, these could cause significant incidents as well.

Scaffolding / Ladders and Falls

Another common construction accident situation usually involves the unsafe use of ladders, scaffolding or restraints without a proper railing.


Underground cables, exposed wiring, or unsafe electrical practices pose potential harm to anyone coming in contact with them.


Anything from drilling, excavation, chemicals or anything else that could potentially explode

Industrial Machinery

Heavy machinery, trucks, excavators, and more can be the cause of significant harm to anyone around

Power Tools

Defective or misused power tools or construction equipment is the cause for many events

Falling Debris

In construction projects with significant heights involved, there are many times accidents with falling tools, debris or material that often cause harm.

Get Help After Your Injury


As with many other areas of accident, these construction type incidents often are the cause of significant injuries and life changes. If you or someone you know has been affected by this, you owe it to yourself and your family to get proper counsel and help. Chances are the companies involved will continue doing what they have been doing for years, and more people could end up hurt or even dead.

We want to make sure construction and industry growth still boom in this country, but it's done in a safe and responsible method.