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Auto / Car Accident or Motorcycle Crash

Every day on the roads across the country, car accidents happen. Whether it is someone not seeing another car when turning out into the street, or being distracted or intoxicated while driving, accidents happen and people get hurt.

Auto accidents and injuries are another area of law that we have become well known throughout the Seattle area, as well as the greater state of Washington. With dozens of successfully handled cases under our belts, this is another area of law that we thrive in.

Car crashes can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute you are just driving down the road like normal, and the next, you are dazed, confused and upside down on the side of the road. you didn’t do anything to deserve being hit by a drunk driver, but unfortunately, you were, and not your life will never be the same because of it.

So whether you or someone you love was in a car or motorcycle, and sustained an injury – we can help. Our firm covers a wide range of car accidents, including:

  • Drunk Driving

  • Driving While Distracted (Texting, phone call, etc.)

  • Reckless, Belligerent or ‘Road Rage’ Driving

  • Lack of Awareness

  • Excessive Speeding

We Can Help You After an Accident


If you have been injured in an auto accident, rely on our lawyer’s experience

No matter what type of car crash you have been in, you deserve to have your case handled by competent and experienced counsel.

Like we talked about above, if you put your case to chance with some ‘discount’ or ‘cheap’ law firm that is only concerned about getting paid, then don’t expect to get great results. You may save a buck in hiring them but will lose out on potentially thousands more in the future because of their incompetence or inexperience.

Here at Layman Law Firm, we have many years of experience handling car accident cases and will make sure that your case is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. If you are unsure about how much your case is worth, give our Free Case Valuation a try to see.