Layman Law Firm and Timothy B. Fennessy Now Offering Mediation Services!

Layman Law Firm and Timothy B. Fennessy take this opportunity to announce: The addition of Mediation/ADR services to individuals, counsel and companies in Washington. Tim has practiced in Spokane for more than thirty years, litigating matters involving a wide diversity of subjects including:

Commercial/Business                      Personal Injury

Construction                                     Professional Negligence

Employment                                     Medical Malpractice

Contracts                                          Product Liability

Insurance                                         Torts

Premises Liability                             Trusts and Estates

Water Rights                                     Environmental Cleanup

Tim will continue to represent current and new clients while offering his services as a mediator. Having represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants, Tim is particularly well-suited for this role. His interest in ADR/Mediation has been fostered by continued study and having observed success/failure in a variety of negotiation and settlement settings.




To schedule, contact Kara Martinez:

Layman Law Firm, PLLP 601 S. Division St.

Spokane, WA 99202

(509) 455-8883